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Scott Keown (Trainer/Guide) | Rockin Robin Kennel

Scott started training his own dogs when he was 13 years old. His first dog was an Irish Setter named Candy. She was a fine dog that truly loved to hunt squirrels, rabbits, and of course, BIRDS! As Scott developed his skill set as a young trainer, he found himself in his mid-twenties needing a challenge.  So he started raising Coon Hounds, which led to his first experience with competition hunting events. As Scott began to mature more as a dog trainer, he decided to buy his first Labrador retriever. Ginger was a chocolate lab that introduced Scott to the joys of duck hunting. He has been working with retrievers and helping waterfowl enthusiasts from that point forward. Then something special happened that would change the way Scott Keown would impact the lives of countless outdoorsmen who have hunted over pointing dogs across South Carolina.

In His Own Words...

In His Own Words...

One day while I was driving I saw some pointers in a kennel behind a house. So I decided to stop and see if I could talk to the owner about these dogs. For some strange reason they had really gotten my attention. Even though I didn't know the man, we talked for a good while about all things pointers. To make a long story short, that man I did not know, gave me my first pointer and her name was Isabelle. Soon after, I started doing some quail hunting with her and some guide work on the side.

Not long after that, I got a job at a plantation doing hunting dog training and guide work for about 5 years. I had the privilege of attending a George Hickox dog training school in Michigan and started training for the public. Soon after I returned I left my job at the plantation and started my own business.

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In his downtime Scott loves spending time with his wife, kids, and grandchildren. The Keown family loves traveling together, cooking out, and enjoying each other's company. It is evident to all who have worked with Scott, that Robin is the glue that holds this family and this business together as only she could. Together they are taking Rockin Robin Kennel and Outfitters to the next level for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a trainer who develops field dog companions that enjoy hunting. If you are looking for a SC dog trainer that you can trust, the Rockin Robin team would love to work with you.

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